February 2, 2021

Why Appointments Matter

The path to new home ownership: Why appointments matter

Appointments have become the norm—and with mobile technology, scheduling an appointment or reservation from your phone is easy. We are so accustomed to planning our days in advance that those businesses that accept walk-ins feel compelled to advertise it.

New home builders establish a model home as a sales center. Whenever it’s staffed, potential homebuyers can walk in and talk to an available sales consultant. Maybe you’re casually stopping in because you’re in the area. The associates are busy with other buyers, so you grab a brochure, a site map, a business card, and leave.

If you’re seriously following the path to new home ownership, you could make far better use of your time. Here’s why appointments matter to you and us.

  1. The focus is on you. As the demand for new homes continues to grow, our model homes and sales teams get busy, particularly on weekends. When you schedule time with us, we can dedicate that time and our full attention to you. Otherwise, with an impromptu visit, you might find that the staff is pulled in multiple directions, because there was no specific time set aside to provide you with information and answer your questions. With advance notice, your sales consultant can be fully prepared to make the most of your time by gathering the right materials that meet your homebuying needs and interests.
  2. You choose the best time. A planned visit allows you to select the time that best works for you. We accommodate appointments that are outside our sales center’s normal hours, because we respect that these times may not fit your busy schedule. 
  3. Take the time you need. There are a lot of questions and considerations that go along with buying a new home. We’ll make sure there’s plenty of time to go through your list—and more. With a decision as important as choosing your next home, no one should rush you. 
  4. Save yourself a trip. When you stop by on the off-chance that the model is open and someone is available, you might be disappointed, which means you’ll have to return another time.
  5. It’s so easy, there’s no reason not to. Our new home specialist is dedicated to helping you find the right home on the right lot in the right community. To get started, just click here to schedule your appointment!