June 30, 2021

New Home Orientation Walkthrough

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Pacesetter home! We know how exciting purchasing a new home can be, but sometimes it’s also stressful. Don’t worry! We are here to relieve some of that stress for you and make these final steps in the home buying process easy and enjoyable.

Pacesetter Homes has partnered with ProHome to manage your home’s limited warranty. The ProHome team will help manage and service all warranty claims after you have closed on your new home. They will also perform a Pre-Closing New Home Orientation Walkthrough with you.

This walkthrough typically takes place about 1 week before your scheduled closing date and consists of a guided tour of your new home, introducing you to all the fits and features. Your ProHome representative will also highlight the functionality of all major mechanical systems as well as provide maintenance tips for your home’s HVAC system, irrigation, plumbing, windows, and more! During this time, they will utilize the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines to document areas of concern that may need to be addressed prior to closing. The ProHome representative will send this list of repairs to your construction manager to be completed before your closing date. You will also receive a copy of this list.

At the end of the New Home Orientation Walkthrough, you will receive a ProHome welcome home packet which will include a warranty review guide, an abbreviated version of the limited warranty book that you received from your New Home Specialist. We recommend bringing a copy of the book to your Pre-Closing New Home Orientation.

Now that the walkthrough is completed, you can sit back and relax while your builder completes the items on the list. Once completed, you’ll be ready to close and move into your new Pacesetter Home!

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