Costly secret #5- Credit Bureaus have a secret “VIP” list for “important” people!

by User Not Found | Nov 14, 2013

ID-10098896-150x150In an article from the NY Times titled: “Credit Error? It pays to be on the VIP list” mentions the fact that according to legal documents provided by consumer lawyers, all 3 bureaus keep a VIP list of sorts consisting of celebrities, politicians, judges and other influential people. These individuals who may not even know they are on the list, get special help from US employees who help to fix their problems immediately, whereas everyone else had to go the “normal route” by disputing in writing and having the process handled electronically through their “E-OSCAR” automated dispute processing system.

These disputes are outsourced overseas where real life human beings merely enter a code to determine the dispute requests from the consumer and the investigation” is handled through a parroting system where one side simply tries to match up information with the other. If at least 3 of the categories come back a match, the item is automatically marked as “accurate” even if one of the other categories disputed is blatantly wrong! Seems fair does it not?

A consumer lawyer from the National Consumer Law Center, Leonard Bennett stated that “There is a requirement that the credit bureaus do meaningful research and analysis, and it is almost never done”.

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