Credit Bureaus are one of the main causes for identity theft in the US today!

by User Not Found | Oct 04, 2013

ID-10061672-150x150Hard to believe but true! Through a big problem the credit bureaus have created and are well aware of known as “Synthetic Identity Theft”. What is Synthetic ID Theft: The information from two credit files, belonging to two separate individuals, somehow become merged.

In instances where two consumers have similar names, SSN’s, addresses, or DOB’s- synthetic ID theft is a highly probably occurrence. Research data indicates that 64% of the merged files came from strangers while 36% came from a relative or former spouse.

A big part of the reason synthetic ID theft is possible stems from a major issue with the credit bureaus quick approval process for credit applications. The bureaus love reminding us that Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US today, and offer the suggestion that we should sign up for credit monitoring which is ultimately run by guess who? Yup, the bureaus!

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