Stop Sharing your Personal Information

by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2013

Here is the second post in a series of tips and information about credit bureaus that may surprise you.  

Welcome WagonLong ago when the credit bureaus first appeared, they came in the form of the “Welcome Wagon” which was a group of women who would visit the homes of families who recently moved into the neighborhoods. Although it appeared that they were simply sharing their generosity and welcoming the new family on the block, in actuality they were there “covertly” collecting data for their employers: the credit bureaus. They took note of little details in the home such as the type of furniture the family owned and of course how many children they had as well as the profession of the husband. They would then return to their employers and provide that data to them so that they could continue building the files of the individuals they visited.

Today through the use of technology; the credit bureaus can now effectively sweep up your personal data every time you fill out an application for credit.  The bureaus then sell you information to those who request it, such as credit card issuers, banks, or any other business who wants it. Unless you manually opt out, the credit bureaus will continue to sell your personal data throughout your lifetime.  Visit the “Opt-Out” site at

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