Ideas That Will Save You Money and Energy This Winter

by User Not Found | Sep 17, 2013

If you own  an older home, as winter nears,  you may want to check out these few cost saving tips.

  1. Get an energy audit on your home from your utility provider or a third party provider.  It may surprise you how many window and door leaks you may have
  2. Fill any holes on outside walls with expandable foam caulk and add weather stripping to windows.
  3. Purchase insulated covers to place over attic hatch or stairs to seal openings.
  4. Adding shrink-wrap to windows and sliding doors will help reduce heat loss especially on older windows and doors.
  5. A water heater blanket can help reduce standby losses by 25 to 45 percent
  6. Change rotation of ceiling fans to a clockwise rotation to help push warmer air downward into room.
  7. Get a programmable thermostat and reduce heat setting at night and when not at home.


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