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Pre-Grand Opening Pricing in Oak Creek

Pacesetter Homes opens for sale in Oak Creek a new Leander neighborhood.

What out of state buyers need to now about the cost of Texas real estate

Over the past few years, more people have moved to Texas than any other state and for many, have been surprised at the high cost of property taxes compared to the state they just left.

Available Inventory in Hawkes Landing, a New Leander Neighborhood

Pacesetter Homes in now selling in Hawkes Landing one of the newest communities in Leander Texas. Hawkes Landing will have 300 homes on 94 acres with a few acres reserved for parkland that will connect to nearby Devine Lake Park.

Pacesetter Homes Opens New Model Home in Rio Ancho Ranch

The appeal of the country draws people to Liberty Hill. Many wish to get out of a neighborhood setting where houses are 5 feet apart and live on a one acre homesite, have good schools, and still be close to shopping.

Grand Opening New Models

Pacesetter Homes has just completed model homes in two great neighborhoods.

Pacesetter Homes in Addison a New Austin Neighborhood

Pacesetter Homes sales success in Addison, a new Austin Texas community located less than 15 minutes from downtown Austin is no surprise.

Austin Economic Vitality in Great Shape for 2014

According to a recent article in Forbes, Austin vital signs are strong going into 2014. GDP growth, job growth, real median household income growth and current unemployment were the four metrics used in the study to determine the strength of the 52 largest metropolitan statistical areas.

Secret #7 Never Dispute Your Credit Issues Online

Secret #6 – The Credit Bureaus profit from the outsourced automated dispute process! (Capitalism at its finest!)

The Credit Bureaus have a clever way to actually turn a profit off the dispute process. Not just a small profit, but a multi-million dollar profit!

Costly secret #5- Credit Bureaus have a secret “VIP” list for “important” people!

In an article from the NY Times titled: “Credit Error? It pays to be on the VIP list” mentions the fact that according to legal documents provided by consumer lawyers, all 3 bureaus keep a VIP list of sorts consisting of celebrities, politicians, judges and other influential people.

Credit Bureaus and Lobbyist:

The Credit Bureaus spend tons of money to lobby like crazy. Through the multi millions they spend and the people they know in key prominent positions, much of this information ends up by the wayside instead of on the front line where it should be.

Credit Bureaus sell your bad credit data at a premium!

Another big reason why the Credit Bureaus love keeping credit reports filed with errors is also because they actually charge lenders more money for data that is tied to individuals with lower credit scores. Lower scores means higher interest rates. Car dealerships, credit cards, insurance, you name it-all costs more when your credit is worse off because you are technically a higher risk with the current “Risk Based Pricing” system in place today.

Credit Bureaus only verify 5 out of 9 digits on your SSN when running your credit!

Instant results do come at a high cost (Another good tip from Credit 360 Consulting)

Credit Bureaus are one of the main causes for identity theft in the US today!

Hard to believe but true! Through a big problem the credit bureaus have created and are well aware of known as “Synthetic Identity Theft”. What is Synthetic ID Theft: The information from two credit files, belonging to two separate individuals, somehow become merged.

Stop Sharing your Personal Information

Here is the second post in a series of tips and information about credit bureaus that may surprise you.

5 Quick Tips for Maximizing your Credit Score

Many people who would like to purchase a new home are finding it difficult to do so due to credit issues. The following information on how to increase your credit score is provided by Credit 360 Consulting. Over the next few weeks I will share with you additional tips and some information about credit bureaus that may surprise you.

Ideas That Will Save You Money and Energy This Winter

If you own an older home, as winter nears, you may want to check out these few cost saving tips.