Pacesetter Homes Customer Service (Warranty Information)

In order to ensure your continued satisfaction with your new home, we have contracted with the largest and most successful customer service company in America. ProHome Warranty Management Services delivers customer service to thousands of homeowners in over 115 markets across the country. ProHome has been providing state of the art services to new home owners for over 30 years and continues to be the leader in innovating service policies that make your home buying experience as satisfying as possible.

We have every confidence in our company and the quality of our homes and the services we have provided. It is not without a great deal of research through a quest to provide our buyers the very best, that we decided to make the capital investment in bringing you an industry leading service and make ProHome one of our trade partners.  Our goal is to respond to your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible and to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  We are confident that ProHome can assist us in doing just that.

Therefore, we have contracted with ProHome, to manage our Warranty Callback Services during the first year of warranty in your new home.  For any future warranty claims, service requests or questions regarding the operation of your home, please review your Warranty and then call ProHome as outlined in the Warranty Builder’s Service Guide. Please find the office and after hours phone numbers on the front cover of the Service Guide.  ProHome will provide you a step by step process to assure all of your concerns are addressed.

As always, we stand behind our homes and are proud of the quality of work we provide.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.  We believe that ProHome will be a welcomed addition to our Customer Service Program and we thank you for your cooperation.

Austin Contact Numbers:

Homes that closed in 2015 or later should contact Pro Home at 866-977-6466.

Homes that closed in 2014 should fax a written request at 512-323-2727.

Homes that closed before 2014 are out of warranty except for the 10 year structural warranty through Centricity and can be submitted at their website.

Dallas Contact Numbers:

Coming Soon!